Saturday, March 31, 2007

Your Own, Personal, Chocolate Jesus

Christians are so touchy. Why do we have to hear about their outrage everytime someone dips their Savior in urine or smothers their blessed virgin in elephant dung (an interesting choice of fecal matter, I might say. Better than, say dogshit or horseshit).

But a chocolate savior? Come on. Everybody loves chocolate. It's Easter for Christ's sake. Do you really think anyone would celebrate the brutal execution of someone 2000 years ago without the allure of chocolate?

And anatomically correct at that. And even more appropriate given that chocolate is brown. Don't they know Jesus was Black? I think we're getting at the real source of the complaint here. My only criticism is that Jesus doesn't have a beard, and if I still believed in this crap, my faith would surely be shaken.

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